Northern Ireland

16 Apr

After learning about Northern Ireland in class, I am not going to lie, I was a bit nervous to make the trip up there. It ended up being a weekend full of learning and adventure. When we first got there, we got the privilege of spending time with two tour guides, one who was catholic and one who was protestant. It helped me gain some insight on the conflict in Northern Ireland. Each tour guide was very persistent on his side being the right side. We go to view and sign the peace wall in Belfast. The whole idea of the peace wall was very confusing to me. I learned that it did indeed help ensure peace between to two communities, yet the idea of the wall being the peacekeeper was perplexing.

Also in Northern Ireland we got to do the Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge. It was a beautiful hike to reach the actual bridge and there were so many wonderful views to see on our way. To be honest, it was terrifying to cross the bridge, but I am happy I made it to the other side. Throughout the weekend, we learned more about he conflict in Northern Ireland. We took a tour to see many of the inspiring murals on the walls of the buildings in Derry Londonderry. Our tour guide, who was quite a popular local, told us many stories of troubles there. He took us to on top of the wall and told us the history of many locations and people. One of the most influential things of the weekend was when we saw the theatrical documentary that men involved with the conflict created. We heard their stories from all different points of view on the Troubles.  Being able to watch their stories and talk to them afterwards, helped me grasp more of what had gone on. When leaving Northern Ireland, I wish there was more promise for a peaceful future. Times are getting better up there, and I hope in the years to come the people can find more peace.


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