Living in Dublin

16 Apr

A couple months ago we took a trip to Galway and I found it to be a great experience.  I have a friend I work with in the summers going to school over there, so it was cool to be able to meet up with him while in Europe.  In the summer we work on a small island named Martha’s Vineyard off the coast of Massachusetts.  When we traveled to the Aran Islands it felt the same.  To get to Martha’s Vineyard from Massachusetts you have to take about a 45 minute ferry and it can be a little bumpy and that was exactly what this trip was.  I enjoyed going to the Aran Islands, I thought it was very cool and old fashioned.  I really enjoyed going here, because it made me feel like summer was near, because I will be going back to the Martha’s Vineyard this summer.  I was shocked when I heard less than 1,000 people live on the island and that its bank was only opened about 4 hours a week.  I can see why only so little people do, because a lot people who live there are farmers.  I found it very cool how Gaelic was the main language spoken on this island.  The cliffs on this island were amazing,  you got so close you could feel danger.  

The next day we went and saw the Cliffs of Moher which was amazing although it was a little too foggy.  My mother told me that I must see the cliffs while I’m over here so I was very excited when I finally saw them.  Knowing that parts of Harry Potter were filmed here made them really cool.  Overall, I thought the trip to Galway was perfect, it wasn’t like the trip to Northern Ireland as it was much more laid back and not so political.  I really enjoyed myself and it was a good experience because I had a Brazilian roommate and got to experience even more of a culture change.  


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