Kilkenny Castle

16 Apr

While on my trip through Southern Ireland, we made a stop at the Kilkenny castle. After staying in Kilkenny for two nights, we realized it was the main attraction. From the moment you drive into Kilkenny, the castle is the first thing you notice. It looked like a castle that they use in fairytale movies. It was first built in 1195 by William Marshal, 1st Earl of PembrokeĀ and was most likely constructed from wood to create and motte and baily castle. The land chosen was right next to the River Nore for strategic travel and trading purposes. Throughout the years the castle had been passed down through family or to other prominent figures and restored in order to keep the castle looking pristine. During the Irish Civil War in 1922, republicans sieged the castle for the Irish Free State forces. After the attack, the castle had much damage. Therefore for the next couple decades, the castle took on much restoration leaving the castle where it is today.

After we toured the immense, beautiful gardens, we took our own tour of the castle. We explored all the rooms, which replicated what they were like before all the damage. It was amazing to see what an actually castle looked like with all the authentic architecture, furniture, and art pieces. At the end of the tour, we went into a great room with all the portraits of family members that have lived in the castle through the years. Because of the beautiful architecture and gardens, the Kilkenny Castle is one of the most visited sites in Ireland.


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