Guinness Storehouse / Old Jameson Distillery

16 Apr

This weekend I had some family visiting and we obviously had to go to Dublin’s number one tourist attraction the Guinness Storehouse as well the Old Jameson Distillery.  I found the Guinness Storehouse to be very cool as it was a lot bigger than I thought.  I can see the storehouse from my apartment in Dublin 7, so it was finally cool to be able to tour it and see what it is all about.  It was very organized and you could touch and feel exactly what they used to make their beers such as the barley.  The barley was the first thing in the museum followed by the hops and the yeast and then finally the water.  I learned about Arthur Guinness and everything he stood for.  The tour was very cool and I had a blast taking the tour with my family.  The best part was the end of the tour at the gravity bar.  I was very lucky that it was beautiful day out and we could see all the across the city clearly.  We could see croke park and all the cool things in Dublin.  

The Old Jameson Distillery was also very cool and unique, because whiskey is a lot different than beer.  In the Jameson factory you got to see a video of how the whiskey was made back when they first opened and it was very cool.  You could see how the fields were so big and how many people they employed.  I learned about how whiskey is made and why Jameson is so famous all around the world.  I didn’t know the company had moved to Cork until the tour.  Both tours were really cool as you got to try to the product right their in the distillery.  I noticed on the bottle of Jameson it says Dublin 7 and thats the part I’m living with so I will be able to tell people that the rest of my life, which I found really cool, because not too many people can say that.


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