Glasnevin Cemetery

16 Apr

Last Friday we visited Glasnevin Cemetery. Seeing that I have become an Irish History fanatic, it was really fascinating to hear more about the major leaders in Ireland. The tour guide was very informative and I enjoyed listening to all the historic knowledge that she had. The cemetery is filled with around 1.5 million graves with 800,000 of the graves unmarked. I find it amazing how many people are buried here and have not been identified. Just upon entering the cemetery, I was in awe by all the large tombstones and Celtic crosses. There was so much to look at. One interesting story she told was of Charles Stewart Parnell, whose gravestone lies on top of the cholera pit in the cemetery. The tour guide informed us that he and his mother are buried there together. She told us the story of his mother and how she travelled back to Ireland to be buried with him. When I did some research on the grave sight, I was surprised by how the cholera pit was formed. The authorities didn’t realize that streams flowed under the burial ground and into the Tolka River. This led to spreading the disease even further instead of containing it. Another amazing part of the tour was being able to go inside Daniel O’Connell’s tomb. Seeing that Daniel O’Connell founded the graveyard in 1832, it seems right that he was to have the greatest crypt of them all. The designs on the wall outside his coffin were beautifully crafted which is only right for the “great liberator” of Ireland. We were told it is good luck to touch his coffin, and as creepy as it was, I touched it. However, to this day I still don’t feel any luckier. Bummer. Even thought it was a freezing day, I was happy that I got brought around to see the resting places of these amazing figures from history.


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