Blarney Castle

16 Apr

When I traveled to Cork with my family, we made a pit stop at the Blarney Castle so we could all give the Blarney Stone a kiss. None of us really knew the history behind the Blarney stone, so it was really interesting to go inside the castle to learn about this historic and infamous stone. The Blarney Castle that we visit was the third castle to be built at that site in 1446. The story behind the blarney is the Earl of Leicester was ordered by Queen Elizabeth to take the castle. However, when McCarthy, the King of Munster, would try and discuss the matter of the castle, the Earl would try to have a banquet or any kind of delay so he would not have to take possession of the castle. Time after time it would be reported to the Queen that the castle was still untaken and she would pronounce the Earls reports as “Blarney”.

From the Blarney castle we learned that Blarney is the varnished truth. It is laid on thin enough so that we like it. “Blarney is flattery laid on with the lips; that’s why you have to kiss a stone to get it.” I have to say, kissing the stone was terrifying. You lay on your back and slowly lowered down while the man helping you is tightly clutching you clothes so you won’t fall down a hundred feet. I obviously did it with ease, and I did feel like I received the gift of gab after I kissed it! Along with the excitement of kissing the stone, walking through the castle was amazing as well. It was empty and not restored like other castle I have seen. The staircases were steep and narrow; I feared I was going to trip and fall all the way down. It helped show what the actual architecture would have been like back when the castle was in use. Although it was pouring when we went, I am so happy I got to explore the beautiful castle.


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