A Day in Dublin with my Parents

16 Apr

What a fantastic day this was, going to the Guinness Storehouse with my mom and dad that I haven’t seen in nearly four months.  My parents came to Ireland once before nearly thirty years ago after winning a $2000 scratch ticket, but now that I’m here, it was a whole new experience for them.  The storehouse was a neat experience in itself by showing the arduous procedures that went into making each individual barrel by hand and getting the chance too taste and smell a Guinness and the ingredients that go into it.  I also like the overall design of the storehouse, with it being modern, clean, and well organized.  I decided to march my parents up to the top a quick as possible, wanting to get my Guinness, and to see Dublin for that famous tower or Sky Bar which is clearly visible from my apartment window.  I have had a lot of free time here in Ireland, but I wanted to save this experience for them seeing is that they were only here for four days. 

            Later on that day, me and my parents went to the Dublin Zoo.  The Dublin Zoo opened its doors on September 1, 1830 and was founded as a private society by anatomists and physicists and supported by wealthy subscribers.  In 1840, the zoo had 46 mammals and 72 birds donated by London Zoo, the radical decision was to throw its gates open to the public for a penny on Sundays. This gesture, remarkable for that time, established the affectionate relationship that still exists between Dubliners and the ‘ah-Zoo’ in the Phoenix Park.  Now, utterly transformed, Dublin Zoo’s 28 hectares is attracting almost 1 million visitors a year. A good healthy walk into Phoenix Park, and on the right, you’ll find the Dublin Zoo which is full of all kinds of birds, tigers and loins, hippos, seals, and many other assortments of animals from all across the world.  I found the Zoo very amusing and cool, also, I kept having the humorous image in my head of a short Irish fellow trying to sneak away from a jungle with a gorilla to put it into the zoo.  I also wanted to tell the gorillas that they were so, so far away from home. The day also happened to be quite chilly, I could tell much of the animals, none being from Ireland, did not look pleased to be there.   

            The time that I spent in Dublin with my parents is a time that I will hold dear for the rest of my life. 


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