The Hague Vs. Dublin

14 Apr

Over Read-in Week I traveled to three large cities, I went to Berlin, Rome and The Hague. All of these cities were unique and very different from one another. As excited, as I was to leave Dublin and visit main land Europe, I found my self craving to come up back to Ireland before the weeks end. My last stop on my trip aboard was in The Hague, before I went I did some research on the city and saw that in terms of size it was very similar to Dublin. My expectations were that it was going to be similar in terms of activity. Both The Hague and Dublin have a metro area over one million people, and despite being slightly less dense than Dublin all the signs would tell you that they would have similar feelings, based on size and the fact that they are both in Europe. While walking around the street in The Hague it was quiet and there wasn’t the same type of buzz that there is in Dublin. My sister lives in The Hague and warned me before we went out that the city is usually dead after 10 pm on most week days, and even on the weekend it is not that lively. In fact my sister said that other than Thursday and Saturday nights that it was difficult to go shopping after dark because everything would be closed. The entire city would do their shopping on Thursdays and Saturdays, this was a new concept to me because I had grown used to Dublin where things are open most hours, and there is usually little concern over if it is possible to buy a shirt after class on a Tuesday. The pubs in The Hague also seemed quiet compared to Dublin. The Pubs were hybrids of a pub and a café. They were really small, dimly lit and only serve beer in oddly shaped glasses. Dublin on a Thursday night would be lively, it would have a heartbeat and have an obvious character to the city that you can hear, see and almost smell while walking down the street, The Hague lacked this vibe. The Hague seemed to have a lot more people that were just unwinding after work; compared to Dublin where people are out to make friends and stories. While aboard I could not find another city that has the character that Dublin has, and began to crave Dublin’s atmosphere, it seems that I have grown to love what Dublin has to offer. It was interesting to observe the cultural difference between Dublin and The Hague.


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