Dublin Castle

14 Apr

There has been a castle on the grounds of where Dublin Castle is today since the time of the first lord of Ireland, King John. Dublin Castle is one of the most famous buildings in Dublin.  Dublin Castle is located in the very heart of historic Dublin. It was the seat of the British rule in Ireland until 1922. Originally, the castle was built to protect the city of Dublin from attacks. Today, it is a major Irish government complex.

One Saturday morning, a few weeks after I first arrived in Dublin, myself and a few friends decided to pay a visit to the castle. First, we took some time to explore the grounds and to take many pictures.  The grounds were very beautiful. It can feel like traveling back in time while looking around the grounds that date all the way back to the 18th century.  The beautiful castle is so full of history that every step feels like a history lesson.

We then took a walk and explored the stunning state apartments. There are six of them, they are the st. patrick’s hall, throne room, state drawing room, st. dining room, the five state bedrooms, and state corridor. Dublin Castle has appeared in numerous films including Barry Lyndon, The Medallion, Michael Collins, and Becoming Jane .We have also discussed it in our Irish life and Cultures module. It is definitely a popular attraction for visitor of Dublin and should not be missed if you get the chance to visit.



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