St. Patrick’s Day Weekend

7 Apr

St. Patrick’s Day weekend we took part in many of the events that were taking place throughout the city.  Saturday we took a trip with FIE to Causey Farm. While there we learned how to make brown bread, went around the farm to hold some of the baby animals and look at the large ones, played hurling, some people jumped in the bog (I wasn’t that adventurous) and learned about traditional Irish dances and music.  We learned a line dance that was often performed at weddings in which you switch partners often and played a few songs on a bodhran, an Irish handheld drum.  I really valued being able to see a typical Irish farm, as agriculture is such a large part of Ireland’s economy and often a way Irish families support themselves.  After we came back we went to a pub to see the championship game of the Six Nations tournament, Ireland was playing France for the title.  Karl from FIE also explained that this was a large game because it was Brian O’Driscoll’s last game and he was a very favored player by Irish fans.  It was a very close game at the end, and in the last minute the French scored a try.  The energy in the pub had been exhilarating until that point, it was packed and everyone cheered so loudly for Ireland, but now everyone seemed defeated.  Until it was ruled that the rugby football had been thrown forward which is against the rules-meaning Ireland won! The crowd in the pub erupted, everyone was screaming and yelling, so happy that Ireland had won the game and taken the title. 


On Sunday, we woke up early to see UCD vs. Trinity in a boat race on the River Liffey.  We watched from O’Connell Street, which was the starting point, so really I’m not even sure who won, as the race finished down at St. James’ Gate.  After the boats left our sight we went to the Irish Craft Beer & Food Market, planning to grab lunch there.  However, mostly everything all the stands were closed! We’re guessing it was because it was a Sunday so most people had taken the day off but that was really disappointing.  Then we walked to Merrion Square where there was a street fair and carnival happening.  We ended up eating there, while watching street performers-puppeteers, musicians, and magicians.  It was certainly more geared towards children but we still had a fun time, and it wasn’t raining so we were happy to spend the day out enjoying the city.  Then we came home to rest up for the big morning-tomorrow was St. Patrick’s Day!


Monday morning we woke up early, ate breakfast, got decked out in green and walked to Dame Street to see the parade.  We went early enough that we ended up being able to get a decent spot; I’m short but was still able to see everything.  We stayed for about half the parade, saw lots of floats and decided to leave before the parade was over, but was almost over.  We had been standing in the same spot for a few hours so after seeing more than a few floats, we were ready to leave.  The streets were packed with everyone in green, it was crazy how many tourists flock the city for St. Patrick’s Day, as the whole weekend, everywhere we went was crowded.  Certainly a good weekend for Irish tourism and I had an absolute blast.  


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