Dún Aonghasa

3 Apr

ImageThe Aran Islands and Dún Aonghasa took both my breath and my balance away. The sheer power that the ocean shows by carving away into the Aran Islands is rather incredible. It is difficult to believe that the first construction of Dún Aonghasa went on in 1100BCE, this is over three thousand years ago, even though it took another 600 years to put up all three walls it is still an impressive feat to create a fort in what seems to be a very inhabitable place. On the bus ride up to the fort the driver talked about how there was almost no fertile land to plant crops, so the old settlers of the island brought up the seaweed and sand from the shore to be able to plant on the main land. Between the infertile land, the pretty rough weather and how steep the cliff was, it makes me question why people with minimal technology would chose to live on this Island. Another difficultly of living on the Aran Islands that I found hard to ignore was how isolated it is from everything else, it took us around forty five minuets on a very bouncy ferry to get to and from the Island from main land Ireland. This was a difficult trip to take in 2014 it must have been a real pain in 1100 BCE. When combining all these factors it is difficult to believe that the original settlers were happy with their decision to live on a rocky, windy and wet island. Even though it is suggested that the fort was mostly used for ceremonies, it is also a good for defense. For all the reasons why it is difficult to live on the island it is also difficult to attack the island, this could be one of the biggest benefits of living on the island. Overall Dún Aonghasa is a beautiful place in a very dramatic way, and it is impressive that people were able to successfully live there over three thousand years ago.


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