2 Apr

            Going into the presentation for Spunout.ie, I did not expect to be taking selfies as part of it, but it was definitely a great way to get us interested. It made us realize that the organization is really in touch with their audience and knows what to do to get young people involved. Spunout.ie seems like a really successful and important organization in Ireland. The website looks really well organized and easy for young people to navigate and understand. I liked that they have young people read through their articles to make sure they are appropriate and enjoyable for their readers. It is really important that organizations like Spunout incorporate their audiences in order to make it feel more personal.

            Spunout.ie covers so many topics and anyone can go onto the website and most likely find what they need information on. If they can’t find the information they need, there is the option to suggest topics to be written about. It’s a very interactive website, which is what young people today want. Audiences, no matter what age, need to be engaged quickly and want information quickly. Spunout.ie’s concise articles get people engaged and interested.

            Near the end of the presentation, we were told to take selfies, write down what we do to be happy and enjoy ourselves, and then post them on Twitter or Facebook with the hash tag spunoutselfie. We all agreed that was a great way to promote the organization and were happy to do it. 


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