Trip to Connemara

31 Mar





1780750_10152397365033787_1620480731_nAs part of my job during my amazing internship at Extreme Ireland here in Dublin is getting to do what’s called a “secret shopper”. This is when an intern, such as myself, goes “under cover” on one of the day tour that Extreme Ireland runs. The whole point is that no one knows you work for the company and then you report back with you feedback of the tour. I got the opportunity to do this on Monday when I went on their tour of Connemara and Galway. I was extremely excited because I get the opportunity to see a lot of Ireland. The group was small, only seven of us. There was a couple from Germany with a translator and a group of three people from Hong Cong. It was pretty interesting to see them traveling around Ireland and how it was different from my own experience.

Our first stop was to the Quiet Man Bridge. This was a big deal because the quiet man is one of my grandparent’s favorite films. We took some photos and then we were off. We then took a stop at Klyemore Abbey where we got a tour. We learn about the history of Abbey. It used to be a mansion for a wealthy family until the lady of the house died from a terrible disease while they were on a family trip to Egypt. Eventually, it was sold to a group of Benedictine nuns who ran it as an abbey and then turned it into a prestigious boarding school for women in the 1920s. The school eventually closed in 2011, but some nuns still live there. The area also includes some beautiful gardens and a Gothic church that you can visit. We also took a stop at Galway bay and some other area in Galway for photos. Although it was raining, I still enjoyed the trip.


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