23 Mar

This past Friday I attended a seminar about a non-profit organization called Spunout. SpunOut is designed to approach individuals 16-25 in Ireland and Northern Ireland with information on various topics such as bullying, mental and physical health, and drugs.  One of the organizations youth officers came in and gave us a great presentation talking about what SpunOut’s mission is and how they help young people.  


One cool aspect about Spunout that I like is that the cleverly designed and thorough website is that it give the young people a chance to ask questions and be very interactive by giving their input on certain subjects.  It’s a very safe and reliable place for them to speak out and receive positive, helpful information.  

Since SpunOut has started, it’s been gaining a lot of support and making their website and services known to young people.  Back in 2012, their webpage received over 2 million views and that number is only increasing in the coming years.  SpunOut realizes that many of todays young people are all about the social media and connecting through the web.  Therefore they have an active Facebook page and a Twitter account which people can follow to get daily messages and helpful information throughout the day.  They definitely know who their audience is and that’s why they get young people involved.  On their YouTube channel, they have videos made that star individuals in their twenties so others can relate more easily.  Their website, SpunOut.ie has various subjects to click on such as features, opinion, action, find help, and videos.  The information on their page is accurate and can be trusted. With some websites, it hard to tell if their information is legitimate or not.  SpunOut works with professionals in all areas to receive correct facts to be put on the site.  

Here is a great YouTube video from SpunOut’s webpage that gives you an idea about what’s so great about the non-profit program –


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