Stepping through History

4 Mar

             The National Museum of Ireland took me through the beginning history of Ireland.  A couple of themes that I picked up on where the amount of pottery, jewelry, and weapons that they had.  This was very interesting and one of the reasons behind might be that they were the most likely to be persevered.  One of the main attractions that caught my eye at the museum was the giant dug out canoe that took up the length of the museum.  Under the description it had the canoe dated back to 2200 BC.  This was incredible to me that both they made a canoe that large that long ago and that could function properly.  But also that they are able to date it back that far.  Under the description they also said that since they had not invented the wheel yet, that the best mode for transportation and communication was by river or by animal. With this is mind I saw that a lot of the older societies were all near a body of water, usually a marsh because in ancient civilizations their reliance on water was vital to their survival.

            Ireland is a very religious country and walking through the mid-evil exhibit I can see where some of the religion originated.  Overall the Middle Ages, or the dark ages was an awful time for a lot of people; there was famine and starvation.  Since there was so much misery in the Middle Ages religion acted as a scapegoat and a reason to have hope where there seems to be very little.  The transition from just making canoes, weapons and warm fur clothes in the early ages; to having numerous religious figures and weapons made more for killing other humans than animals during the Middle Ages was interesting.  You can see the development of society from just trying to survive to one that is trying to earn the respect of other societies, and practicing a religion that can help them get though the hard times.  Overall the museum was set up well where it led you from one era of pots and furs, to another that had large weapons and religious references around the corners.   


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