Leinster House

29 Jan

Early Friday morning the FIE group gathered, to explore the exciting nooks and crannies of the Leinster house.  Personally I was not all that thrilled about this early morning adventure when we first arrived.  But I was pleasantly surprised by the end of the trip.  I had some new stories of Irish history, and the Leinster house was actually a beautiful building.  It was a Friday though so the little bit of Imagegovernment action that I was able to see was pretty boring, since there were only four men reading off their speeches.  The debate was over censorship in Ireland, which I know very little about so that did not help me pay attention to the speeches that were being given.  In one of the hallways there were portraits of high-ranking political figures from the past.  The tour guide began to tell us about all of their stories, and they all sounded very similar to me.  It wasn’t until the last man he talked about that he grabbed my full attention.  He stated how the background of one of the portraits was painted in a light blue and that this was because of his favorite Imagesport team, Leinster.  This was really just a fun fact, rather than something that was important to know.  I am pointing it out because I can relate to having a full dedication to a sports team at home.  And this fun fact told me a lot about the Irish culture that I had looked over since I have arrived in Dublin, and that is that the Irish love their sports.  Being in the same boat of loving sports it made me feel more at home, knowing that I share a love of sports.  Now all I have to do it learn all of the rules of Rugby and Hurling.  Overall The Leinster tour was a fun and I learned some new facts that told me about the Irish culture and government.



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