Trip to Limerick

11 Dec

The University of Limerick is a very young school in Ireland, it was granted university status in a statute in 1989 ( I went down to the University to play softball with my team for the weekend and we got to see some of the history of the city while we were there I got to learn about the Treaty of Limerick which was signed in 1691 and the treaty stone (which helped me out a lot in a paper I ended up writing) as well as the cities Viking origins


                The students at the University were absolutely great hosts for the team. They treated us with endless kindness…with a Limerick touch. From the moment I met them they didn’t wait to start making jokes. There seems to be a bit of a rivalry between Limerick and Dublin, but the rivalry my team had with Limerick was nothing in comparison to Cork’s rivalry with Limerick. They showed me a few videos by “The Rubberbandits” one of which ended with the comical musical duo saying, “That’s Limerick City, and if you don’t like it F*** off back to Cork”. I was also told I would have a rough time understanding them, but I think I did alright for an American only having to ask them to repeat themselves a few hundred rather than a few thousand times.


                Our entire trip in “stab city” went stab, and even punch, free. The irony in the trip is that I had a friend of mine tag along to Limerick, when we got back to Dublin we went to find an ATM so we could catch the LUAS back to the city center. It was still early, but dark and my very not-very-threatening friend got a little to far away from me and was harassed by a group of high school boys. All was well when I stepped in, but that was certainly and interesting twist of events.



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