St. Patrick Cathedral

11 Dec

I finally got a chance to visit St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Dublin’s city center one afternoon with a friend who came out to visit from Florence. I didn’t get to look inside, but the park outside was absolutely gorgeous. Because I didn’t tour the inside I thought I might find a spot where I could get wifi and learn about the cathedral from the outside. With some (a lot) of luck I was able to find wifi and look at the cathedral’s official site.



The first thing I noticed was that they claim that St. Patrick actually had a baptismal well on site and would baptize the Irish there. I didn’t know that they had such a specific motivation for the location of the site, I thought that St. Patrick, being the patron Saint of Ireland and Dublin being the capital, they just chose that spot because it worked. It was also interesting to me that many of the facts they posted on their timeline would say things such as “at some point during this 12 year span”, which also struck me as fascinating, because most any major building in the United States has documented records of its history, but we’ve also only about 400 years of real history to keep track of as most Native American sites weren’t such big construction projects, and most of their monuments were within nature. It appears though, that they did know when this specific building was put up; almost an entire 800 years ago. It was great to see so much history, as well as a plethora of locals enjoying the view with us. There was even a man practicing juggling on the grass by the fountain. Perhaps the best part was I got to bust my brother’s chops by taking a ‘candid’ shot just like he took when he came out to Ireland two years ago.



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