Parents & Pubs

11 Dec

Pub crawls are a major part of Irish culture, at least in the eyes of foreigners. When my parents came to visit me during the weekend we signed up for a rural pub crawl of Dublin. It was amazing, the pub crawl took place in the mountains of Dublin county and along with my family and I there was a couple from England, and another family whose son goes to North Eastern University. On the tour we went to three pubs, the first pub was traditional and did not sell food. They had peanut dispensers and they sang old Irish pub songs. The people at the pub told stories and were extremely friendly; they did not hesitate to strike up a conversation with anybody. Also, the couple from England got engaged at the first pub and then an elderly man at the pub serenaded them. It was adorable, and moving forward we went to a more modern pub. At the second pub they served food, and the atmosphere was less cozy, and it felt more like a restaurant with less locals. The second pub had a group of people who performed traditional Irish dancing, which was entertaining. I learned about guiness and specifically I learned that adding black currant to guiness sweetens it, and makes it more palatable. Afterwards, at the third pub there was a plethora of food and locals who were much more willing to talk than the second pub. My parents loved it, and it was an experience that we never thought we would have; at least until I turned twenty one. All together, the irish pub life is amazing, both in Dublin and outside of Dublin.



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