Brazen Head

11 Dec

Once in Dublin I learned that the oldest pub in Dublin is Brazen Head. Of course this meant I had to visit Brazen Head to watch a sports game, or for a meal. I first went to Brazen Head to watch a hurling game and have dinner; then I realized why Brazen Head is the oldest pub in Dublin. The food was fantastic! I ordered bangers and mash, which is sausage and mashed potatoes, they were perfect. Later on, as a group, a few friends and I went to Brazen Head just to enjoy some quality time. This time around, a few locals began chatting with us about America and how life differed from the United States to Dublin. After about thirty minutes of talking, they joined us for drinks and invited us to watch a soccer game with them at the bar. This clearly showcased how friendly and inviting the atmosphere is at Brazen Head. Lastly, I had to go back for a third time when my parents were in town because the food was delicious and they have a plethora of food and drink options to choose from, and the atmosphere was phenomenal. Moreover, who wouldn’t want to visit the oldest pub in Dublin? The Brazen Head definitely lives up to the hype and I can clearly see why they have been in business for such a long time, and have made a name for themselves. I can foresee myself having cravings for Brazen Head food once I return to the United States, but sadly, the United States does not have a restaurant that could live up to, or compare to, the Brazen Head.



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