Wild Wicklow

10 Dec

Before I left the US in September, I watched several National Geographic and Discovery channel Shows on Ireland. I remember so clearly seeing the Wicklow Mountains and Glendalough and I told myself I had to go there at some point during the semester. After I got to Dublin, I quickly became so enamored with being abroad and living in a city that I forgot about the trip I planned to take. When my family came to Dublin this past week, I used TripAdvisor.com to help them decide what they wanted to see. The top few “must-do” activities to do while in Dublin were tours up to the Wicklow Mountains! I couldn’t believe that I had forgotten the main item on my Dublin to-do list!


I signed my family up for the tour and the next day we were up bright and early to grab the bus and head south to Wicklow. Our tour guide wasn’t the best, he told us more about his childhood than the sights around us, but for a normal Saturday in Dublin, it was weirdly sunny and it was perfect for looking at the beautiful scenery. One place I wish he stopped was the church where Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman got married. He mentioned it after we already passed by it and it seemed like everyone was upset he didn’t stop! Seeing the bridge from the movie P.S. I Love You was every teenage girl’s dream so I was going crazy taking pictures to send back to all my friends in the US. When we got to the monastic site and Glendalough, I was automatically put into a peaceful mood and I could have stayed there forever. I was amazed how far the rolling hills and mountains stretched over the landscape. My sister’s complaining usually bothers me and gets me in a bad mood but the beautiful lake cast a spell over me! Even though I’m not a photographer, I love taking pictures of things and they look like they could end up on a postcard. I took several pictures at the lake that I’m going to print out and frame because they’re so gorgeous and they’re a great representation of Ireland’s beauty.


I would definitely go again, not only to see the sights again, but also because I want to learn some history about the mountains, lakes and bogs! 


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