Remininscing about the Food in Dublin

10 Dec

As the end of the semester is quickly approaching, I’ve noticed a lot of people here in Blackhall Place have begun talking about what the first things they’ll do when they get back home to the US. The first thing almost every person has mentioned so far is about the food they’ll be able to eat once again. My one roommate is from the New York area, and the first thing he plans on doing is eating Chinese take-out and pizza. Some of my friends here are from the Boston area, and they plan on eating New England clam chowder when they get back. Being from Philadelphia, I jokingly said that I would eat a cheesesteak and a hoagie as soon as I get back. As I’ve begun to think about food, I began reminiscing about my time here in Dublin, and I’ve come to the realization that the city’s cuisine is surprisingly very diverse and of very high quality.


I must start off with the Pub food here in Dublin. From fish and chips to Irish stew, there really seems to be an attention to tradition, detail, and comfort in Pub grub. I must say that I haven’t had any bad experiences eating at a Pub, and I always seem to be satisfied by the food I’m served here. By far my favorite Pub food in Dublin has got to be from Mulligan’s near Blackhall Place. Albeit a bit pricey, they really know how to satisfy a customer’s taste buds. One of my favorite things about Mulligan’s is that they have a strong knowledge of what food and beverage options work well with each other. I personally love their Chicken Kiev with the recommended beer they have on their menu.


What I love about Dublin’s cuisine is that it extends beyond Irish and English food. During my semester here thus far, I’ve managed to enjoy delicious Spanish paella, Napolitano-style pizza, Chinese lo mein, Japanese sushi, and even an American burger. There’s probably a lot more that I’m forgetting to mention. I think this is a real testament as to how ethnically diverse the city of Dublin has become over the past twenty or so years.


One of the biggest things that I’ve noticed in Dublin, especially in and near City Centre, is how important lunch is to everyday life. There isn’t a day that goes by in which I don’t pass by a restaurant that has a lunch special and isn’t completely crowded. In fact, I remember one time I couldn’t go to a restaurant near Castle House because there was a long wait to get a table. However, what I find very interesting (and annoying at times) is how there are numerous restaurants that are only open for lunch and not dinner! There’s a very great restaurant near Blackhall Place called Wuff, and I’ve only managed to eat there once because they’re closed by dinner-time when I’m free to go.


Overall, I must say that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the food here in Dublin (and greater Ireland), and I am very happy that I’ve had the opportunity to enjoy it. I definitely will miss the food here a lot!


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