My Life in Ireland

10 Dec

Ireland is a beautiful country. There are picture-like landscapes, old-fashioned buildings, and friendly people. I feel relaxed in this circumstance and environment.

When the first several days I was here, I heard many people said that Ireland is a very safe country. I was surprised but at the same time, I also felt jealous, because I cannot say “my home country is safe” with pride like Irish people. How fortunate for them to be born and grow up in Ireland! And how lucky I am to have the opportunity living in Dublin!

I live in the northern city center of Dublin. I have 3 other flatmates in our apartment. My general everyday life has nothing special — going to school, then going home, sometimes going to grocery stores. But this type of life is my favorite. I like it when everything is easygoing and quiet. I prefer a mild lifestyle, and now, here in Dublin, I feel satisfied.

Often, the program I am currently in organizes trips. I have been to Galway, Sligo, and Cork. In Galway, I liked the cliffs the most. The cliffs are so original that there are no safety protections on the cliff edge. I was excited to be in danger! It was an incredible feeling looking down while standing on the edge. I felt that I was flying! In Sligo, we lived in a mountain. In the morning when I walked out of the door, I could see the most fantasy landscapes. Far away there are green fields, some village houses decorate among them. How amazing! In Cork, there was Blarney Castle that caught my memory. The castle was huge and beautiful. Although inside was already empty, I can imagine hundreds of years ago its beauty.

I did not get the chance to go to Northern Ireland with the group because of my visa problem. It was a regret since in Ireland.

Ireland is a valuable country to travel and to live, because it is beautiful and friendly.


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