Irish Music

10 Dec

Irish music, also known as Folk music, is the common type of genre one can find the in the sense of traditional Irish music. The music comes in all kinds of genre, but mostly in country and rock n roll are what stood out overall. Irish music gained recognition over the past 2 decades and its actual origins dated back to 2000 years ago when the Celt’s arrived. They were skilled in crafts and music, however, they were mostly influenced by the east. A new fact that I leant was that the harp was the best-known instrument of the entire music tradition. This is also among the symbols that represent Ireland. The harpists were known as processional musician, the chieftain employed them to compose and perform music; they ere greatly respected and assigned to a higher social class among other lords. Furthermore, even though harps are not the type of instruments or music modern day that students are familiar with. There are other types of music that originate from Ireland such as the Celtic rock, this was successful into becoming mainstream around the world. Celtic rock influenced many rock bands into making music (whether in the traditional Irish form, or other forms).

Whether the music has changed forms, or has been re-recorded by different people. It is interesting that the traditional Irish music has still managed to stay popular in the modern cultures; they still play the songs in pubs and on the streets that people still enjoy and get entertained by. With that, many of the Irish, especially younger generations, are familiar and embrace their cultures music. This not only happens in Ireland, but most Irish pubs around the world. This doesn’t tend to happen in many other cultures, as younger generations tend to listen to modern mainstream music and ignore the fact that their culture has unique traditional music. The Irish music is certainly a type that all cultures get to appreciate and embrace


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