Irish Cuisine

10 Dec

Throughout my stay in Dublin, one aspect that had caught my eye was the unique taste of the Irish food. I learned that the crops they grow and the animals in the farm influence the food. The Irish potato is a key food that is included in most of their foods, and therefore I realized that potatoes are mostly associated with Ireland. Along with the potato being famous, another type of food is the Irish corned beef that is also included in their traditional dishes. The history of the corned been dated back to the 1600’s where Ireland was the biggest exporters, especially in the area of Cork. It was their chief export and they were great at producing it. Due to the high demand, it was sent all over the world in small can’s. Most of the famous Irish cuisine dishes include potatoes either as a whole, smashed, cooked, raw etc.. This goes the same with Irish corned beef (which also come in the form of sausages). Some traditional Irish dishes such as cottage pie (includes meat and potato), Irish stew (potatoes, lamb, vegetables), coddle (including pork sausages, sliced potatoes and bacon) , and many more which contain the similar ingredients. I think that the potatoes and beef are ingredients that are essential and tasty in any diet which is why Irish food has evolved to become so popular. Since the demand was high for meat that could be preserved, everyone relied on the Irish ever since.

Furthermore, even though seafood isn’t known for being produced and eaten in Ireland, they do have good quality seafood such as oysters and other shell fish. This is mainly because Ireland was developed late in the fishing industry and now suffers EU fish quotas. I personally think that Ireland has one of the best seafood; it should be more advertised as it is not as recognized as it should be. Comparing the Irish cuisines to other cultures, it certainly does stand out since the taste of the meat and potatoes are significantly different after I tasted it. The originality of it makes other countries meat appear to have less quality. Irish cuisine is definitely a unique one!


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