Fionn MacCool – The Giants Causeway

10 Dec

Prior to coming to Ireland, one thing I wasn’t aware of was the importance of the myths and legends that played in the Irish culture. One legend that stood out to me was called “Fionn MacCool”. I was aware of this legend after I visited The Giants Causeway in Northern Ireland and after that my curiosity made me look further into the legend. The character MacCool was known as of one of the strongest giant’s in Ireland, where he could be seen and heard miles around his presence. However, he wasn’t the only giant that existed at that point. Angus, Scotland’s most feared giant had a plan to fight MacCool which he had no problem of doing. After MacCool heard that Angus was coming for him, he started to create a path with his hands which was made of thousands of rocks all the way to Scotland. This is where the name ‘causeway’ started to become widespread, when Angus had heard of this name, he also started building a causeway towards MacCool. While this was happening, many started to worry as they heard that Angus was twice as big as MacCool and started warning. MacCool disguises himself as a baby and slept in a baby crib out of fear. When Angus finally arrives, he sees the crib and instantly thought that was MacCool’s child. This made him fearful of MacCool as he thought that if the baby was that big, then MacCool would be incredibly large. This drove Angus out of Ireland as fast as he could; he ran across the causeway and never turned back. Currently, the causeway is known as the 8th wonderer of the world and has become a top tourist spot for many. While having the opportunity to visit the causeway, I realized the extent to Irelands nature and how uniquely the rocks were formed. Not many countries have such outrageous stories behind a place which makes this place even more exciting. The fact there is a place to show where a legend has happened makes it more realistic and puts an image of how the story carried during the visit. Myths such as the Leprechaun’s are less realistic as there is visible evidence of real leprechaun’s, it is mainly an imagination in ones head. I thought that this legend had a lot of originality to it since the place reflects the story very well.


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