Croke Park – GAA

10 Dec

As part of the Irish life and History class, we got visit Croke park which is a stadium that serves for the GAA (Gaelic Athletic Association). The Croke park is one of Irelands most prestigious places to visit as millions gather to watch one of Irelands most important sports, Hurling. Also, Croke Park holds games played by Irelands national rugby union team and Irelands football team. When visiting the stadium, I was amazed by the enormous size and could imagine how much more exciting it would be when watching an actual game. Ireland takes its sports very seriously and therefore the citizens rely on their players to become champions. I thought it was interesting when I heard the stadium holds concerts as well. Famous musicians such as Elton John, Celine Dion, Bon Jovi and many more famous legends had played there which makes the stadium even more valuable than it is in my opinion.

Another fascinating point during the tour was when we visited the player’s lounge, where it was opened in 2005. The chandelier was certainly a one of a kind piece that I’ve ever seen and I learned that it was designed to reflect colors of the team that they played against every time they relaxed in the lounge. This lounge essentially reflected the games of the GAA. I thought the room had a positive vibe for the players after the hard games they played, the LED technology in the crystal balls changed colors to the winning teams being hosted in the players lounge which I think makes the Croke Park stand out compared to other stadiums in the world. The fact that Ireland has its own sport, hurling, makes Ireland have pride for something that not every country has the opportunity to hold values for. This sport is something makes Irelands sport entity a unique one, while there are rare amounts of countries that play sports that originate from themselves. A sport such as football is one that every country has in common, however, not every country has the opportunity to be successful at hurling as the Irish do. This being the reason that I think the Irish sports is one of a kind and only true Irish have the sense of fanatic sense behind the sport.


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