Annie Moore

10 Dec

Annie was only fourteen years of age when she left Queenstown in County Cork. She travelled with her two younger brothers, Anthony and Phillip. What makes her so special is that she was the first passenger to be registered through the famous Ellis Island immigration station. She and her brothers boarded the S.S. Nevada and left Queenstown on, December 20, 1891 and spent twelve days at sea.

There were in steerage class, which meant they were in a large room with many other people. The ship was crowded, and the food was poor. Annie watched her brothers very closely to make sure they were safe. The people in steerage class did not get to go on deck the deck very much. It was very cold on the ship and many people got seasick.

When Annie had gotten off the boat an officer had given her a ten dollar gold piece. At first she was puzzled, she had never seen so much money before. The officer then explained to her that because Ellis Island is new, the ten dollars was a gift to the first person off the ship!

Annie’s parents were already in New York City; they had arrived four days earlier. They had been brought to Castle Garden, which wasn’t a castle nor a garden but a scandal-ridden immigrant station at the tip of Manhattan. All they wanted to do was see there parents.

Now, after 100 years later, there is a statue of young Annie Moore in Cobh, Ireland (County Cork), as well as on Ellis Island. Annie will always be remembered at the first person to ever be registered through Ellis Island’s immigration station.


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