Wicklow Mountains

9 Dec

One day trip I was lucky enough to take during my time in Ireland was that to the Wicklow Mountains. It is the largest upland area in all of Ireland and it takes up the majority of County Wicklow, and it expands to the counties of Carlow, Dublin, and Wexford. The formation is primarily composed of granite and quartzite, and forms the largest stretch of granite in Ireland and Great Britain. Some areas were carved out during the last Ice Age and left behind deposits of copper, gold, and lead. As well as being mineral rich, it is also a source of water for Ireland. The main tributary to the River Liffey starts in the mountains as well as the place where Guinness gets all their water for their beer. Last, it holds the largest waterfall in Ireland and stands 121 meters tall.

Since there are many amazing views that take place in the mountains, it is no surprise that many films had scenes filmed in it. There have been over 20 films and TV shows that took place within the mountains. The films stretch anywhere from P.S. I Love You to The Tudors to Saving Private Ryan and Bravehart. This is because there are a wide range of land types that take place such as wide open fields, mini beaches, and creeks with bridges over them.

In recent years, the mountains have become part of a Special Area of Conservation and the Special Protection Area from the European Union. This was because on top of the layers of rocks, are layers of bogs and heaths. However, people used to come up and tear up the soil to use for fuel. This deteriorated the land very fast and endangered some species. The Wicklow Mountains was a trip definitely worth taking. The landscape of the mountains and trees and lakes are entirely different than the rest of Ireland and makes it a very unique and interesting place to see.

-Greg Shozda


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