The Hills of Howth

9 Dec

I had heard a lot of talk about this place called Howth that everyone has visited but i had no idea what or where it was. Since everyone i’ve heard from said it was beautiful and worth visiting i thought what better time to go check it out then while my sister and friend were visiting me! 

We knew that trains ran all day, but didn’t know how often the one to Howth ran. So we decided to wake up around ten in the morning in plan to walk on over to Connolly Station in hope to catch a train to Howth as soon as possible upon arrival. I had been to Connolly Station once before but was worried i wasn’t going to be able to find my way there right away so i brought a map of Dublin which allowed us to find our way directly there. Right away i was overwhelmed with the large board hung up in the inside of Connolly Station because it listed all of the different trains’ departure and arrival times. So I then went up to the help desk, which was very convenient and helpful for my guests and I. The man told us that the train was leaving in five minutes and showed us how to purchase our tickets. After that and a slight jog to where our train was located, we were finally on the train and on our way to Howth.

I was not only excited to be on my way to Howth with my guests from home, but to also ride the Irish Rail for the first time. I had been in Dublin for a little over three months at this point and had yet to get on a train. It was a cool experience because at home I use the train almost every week to quickly travel through Boston. It is always fun to find something here in Ireland similar to something from home so i can sit there and compare the pros and cons of each place. 

The ride was only about a half hour long which wasn’t too bad. Right when we got off of the train it was beautiful. A few feet from the station was a harbor filled with countless amounts of different boats docked. There was a little breeze, which only made sense being right on the water. There were four options of walking path trails to make your way around the peninsula, each of which were up hill to give one an opportunity to have an amazing view. Each path varied in time and distance to make your way back to the starting point. Somehow we took the longest path and even went off of it, taking a longer route than that. I wasn’t mad though because we got the opportunity to walk up the hillside and overlook the water, which was beautiful, then also get the opportunity to walk through the streets and see the gorgeous water-side houses of Howth. 

The walk took about four hours, but it was completely worth it. The train came quickly to make our way back to Dublin just like it did for us at Connolly Station. If one is looking for an inexpensive scenic place, Howth is definitely the way to go! The transportation is very convenient and Howth is a beautiful place to visit! 


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