Saved the South for Last

9 Dec

With only a little more than three weeks left of my stay here in Ireland, I finally decided to make my way down to Cork! After already living in Dublin, and visiting Belfast and Galway, I thought it would only be right to also make my way down to the southern side of Ireland. I was lucky enough to have my sister and friend come visit me for a week! They arrived a day before Thanksgiving, so i had the opportunity to celebrate Thanksgiving here in Ireland with them, and also have their company in experiencing Cork.

 The night before taking the long, tiring bus to Cork my visitors and I had a late night. Of course they wanted to go out every night and experience the nightlife of Dublin because they were only going to be here for five days. I understood it though and gladly went out because i know if i were in their shoes i wouldn’t want to stay in and go to bed early knowing I only had five days to try to experience as much of Ireland as possible. It was fun showing them different pubs and bars around the Temple Bar area until we ended up at the Grand Social. We had already been to about four other places prior so when I looked at the time and realized it was 2:30 I was ready to go, but they weren’t. Getting to sleep around four and needing to get up for a three hour bus ride at six was not pleasant. 

 We met for our bus at 6:50 on Dame Street and started to make our way to Cork. The sun wasn’t up yet so it made it easy for me to sleep a majority of the way there. The driver played traditional Irish music the entire way as well so that helped me block out the people talking on the bus so i could catch up on some of my sleep. I was woken up to being told we were at the Blarney Castle. I was enjoying my sleep, but i was very glad to actually be there so i got up with excitement and followed the crowed into the gated area. After going up and into the castle we finally reached the top, where you kiss the Blarney Stone. I had it all wrong. I thought it was going to be an actual large stone, not just kissing a piece of the castle. I also thought it was supposed to bring you luck, when in reality it is supposed to give you the gift of gab. So i was glad i got to experience it and also leave with further actual knowledge about the famous Blarney Stone.

 We then all got back on the bus and continued to make our way to Cork. I stayed awake this time seeing as it wasn’t too far away from the Blarney Castle. Cork’s city center just reminded me of Dublin’s just with wider roads. There seemed to be all of the same stores and just as many people. We ended up finding a large ferris-wheel within the city center. I hate heights so of course my sister and friend made me go on with them. After we got something small at McDonalds and already had to head back to the bus to come home to Dublin.

I didn’t believe Cork was anything special while i was there, but i also don’t believe i got to experience it thoroughly because I only had a little less than two hours there to do so. I’m very glad i got to visit Cork before I head back home to the United States though. Now i can say i’ve been all over Ireland and actually mean it!



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