Northern Ireland

9 Dec

Our trip to Northern Ireland was very informational as well as memorable. We took a bus ride that lasted about two hours and we arrived in Belfast. We first took a tour of the city, where we were learning the history behind the long on going conflict in the north. We visited the Union side of town as well as the loyalist. We learned about the different incidents that happened in both side of town. We then headed to the parliament, where we were given a presentation about the history of northern Ireland as well as a tour of the entire parliament. We were shown the rooms where the meeting and the discussions happened. We then headed to the hotel for some dinner, and some rest because we had an early morning the next day.

The next morning we took a bus to visit the edge of northern Ireland, the weather was so clear that we were able to spot Scotland in the distance. We went on a hike until we finally crossed a rope bridge that lead to a small island, we took pictures, hopped on the bus and headed to our next destination. We then went to the Giants Causeway where we got explore the magnificent rock structure and listen to the story behind the rocks.

We then headed to London Derry, where we explores the town. We got to witness a parade, we also went on a tour of the small town. We circled around the town visiting key places with key events, and listened to the history behind the famous town. We then got to visit the famous murals with the paintings representing the times of the troubles. We then headed to the museum where we saw and listened for ourselves personal heartbreaking stories and losses form the time of the troubles. Overall the weekend in Northern Ireland was very interesting. We all learned a lot, and enjoyed what the North had to offer.


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