A Look at the Urban Design of Dublin : Grafton Street and Duke Street

9 Dec

Urban design can make or break a city. The way in which a city flows and functions can determine everything to the fiscal success of a city to the crime rates. The two streets that I looked at in Dublin were Grafton Street and Duke Street. Grafton Street is a very defined street with a very clear purpose, shopping. There are a variety of shops on the street and with a few scattered eating establishments. Some may say that many of these building may have incomplete form and cannot serve any other purpose than shopping establishments, but for the purpose of Grafton Street I do not believe that there need is a need for flexible buildings. Grafton Street also serves a function as a major pedestrian route. It is also very effective at this. The road is quite broad and there are little impediments in the road allowing for a large amount of traffic to pass through without trouble. Grafton Street is a good example good urban design due to its multiple functions and how it excels at them.  The second example is that we looked at was Duke Street. When first approaching Duke Street, you will first notice the large church in the middle of all the shops. Although it is not really related to anything else on the street it, it adds culture to the area, serves as a tourist attraction, and as a meeting point for the people of that faith. This street also provides the a large amount of eating establishments with tables extending out into the side walk which incorporates the businesses into the pedestrian areas. There are also no large chain stares on this street, only small businesses which definitely are good for the community. In both of these areas I witnessed examples of good design overall.


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