The National Leprechaun Museum

8 Dec

On the corner of Abbey Street, anyone can experience the supernatural life that happens underneath the streets of Dublin. I was intrigued and curious about this experience, and I decided on a late afternoon to head to the National Leprechaun Museum and experience the magic myself.

I got greeted by an amazing story teller who took us to the underground world of mythical Irish creatures where we would hear about their stories and the influence they left for thousands of years. We first stopped at the giant causeway where we heard the story of the two giants from Ireland and Scotland, and we got to visit a giants home where we the actual size of a leprechaun.

We then heard the different stories of where the Leprechauns came from, and what they did for living. We also enjoyed stories about the Banshee, the Pooka, and the Salmon of Wisdom. At the end of our tour, we got to visit a wishing well and we each got to make a wish. The overall experience was indeed magical and entertaining. I enjoyed great stories, and watched as the mythical world came to life and felt like we were all part of it. I enjoyed the museum and it was a great experience.



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