The National Gallery

8 Dec

For my Intro to Fiction course, we took a few excursions, and the National Gallery just so happened to be one of them.

From the outside, I probably would have never noticed the National Gallery had my advisor not told me as we passed it. It is an extremely modern building that actually looks extremely small from the outside. Founded in 1854, the National Gallery of Ireland contains collections of Irish and European art. It receives donations that keep it running so that the public can see it for free. I really enjoyed walking through the gallery as I love galleries in general.

My favorite and the most famous one in the Gallery is the Taking of Christ by Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio. It depicts Judas kissing Jesus just before he betrays him. Caravaggio is one of the first artists to utilize shadows in his paintings. The light source is coming from the upper left, but there is a man holding a lantern that scholars believe to be a self portrait of Caravaggio. The remaining figures are St. John and three soldiers. It was commissioned in 1602 but Ciriaco Mattei.

Some of my other favorites were The Immaculate Conception but Bartolome Murillo and The Suicide of Cleopatra by Guido Reni. I’ve always been a fan of pointillism, and there were many of those as well. There were also a few Picasso cubism paintings as well.  

There were many other exhibits as well, however the National Gallery is under constructed for apparently upwards of ten years, so the majority of the Gallery was closed off to pedestrians. The National Gallery of Ireland is definitely something I would come back to see once it is re-opened to the public for good.   

Amanda Duong


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