The Guinness Storehouse

8 Dec

This previous weekend, a friend and I ventured to the Guinness Storehouse.  We’ve lived in Dublin for over three months now, and this was our first time visiting this area of Dublin.  With the location of our school being right in city center, we never really feel the need to make an effort and explore other parts of the city.  Now, with less than two weeks to go it is time to see as much of the city as we can.  So the first thing we decided to do was visit the Storehouse.

Most people in the program had already visited the storehouse and would talk about what a great time it was, so I knew I could not leave Ireland without seeing it.  Upon arriving in the storehouse the first thing we saw was the 9,000-year lease that Author Guinness took out on the brewery site.  This really showed how confident he was in his product.  We were then able to learn all about how Guinness is made, and we even learned the best way to drink Guinness.  According to our instructor, the best way to drink it is to have good posture, bring the drink to your face, make your arm parallel to the ground and take a large sip allowing the Guinness to go throughout your mouth.  Although I am not a fan of Guinness, this was still a great way to experience something so important to Irish culture.

My favorite part of this trip was visiting the seventh floor.  The seventh floor consisted of a gravity bar.  It was a round room with walls made of windows.  From the seventh floor I was able to see all of Dublin.  It really put the city in perspective for me.  I was able to see how close I was to the mountains and the ocean.  However, it also made me realize even more how little I’ve seen of the city I’ve called home for the past three months.    


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