The Guinness Brewery Storehouse

8 Dec

On my visit to the Guinness Brewery Storehouse, I was not sure what to expect. After waiting thirty minutes to get our tickets, we finally made it to the first floor of the Guinness Storehouse. We were told that we could do a tour on our own, so we embarked on the journey. We first went to explore what the beer is made of, we found out that it is made of barley, a flower called hops, and water from the wicklow mountains.

We then moved on to the second floor where we explored the process for making the beer, how long the barley needs to roast and how long the beer needs to be fermented, and how many times the beer has to be checked before leaving the brewery. We then experienced the time it took to make the kegs where the beer needed to be stored in, before being transported. We explored the different ways the beer was transported and how it evolved as the years went by.

We then got to experience the different aromas that make up the beer, and joined everyone for a tasting of the beer, where we were told how to hold a glass and how to drink Guinness beer properly. We then headed to next floor where we got to make our own beer, and each received our personal certificate proving we were able to brew a beer. We then headed on the next floor and grabbed some lunch, where he had the traditional Guinness Irish Stew. the food was delicious and we enjoyed every bite of it. Finally we headed to the top floor where we got to enjoy an unbelievably beautiful vie of Dublin and where we got to drink beer with everyone. The experience was great, I had a blast.


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