8 Dec

I had the chance to go visit Sligo for a weekend during my time in Ireland. We took a bus for an hour and half on a friday and arrived in an eco-loge. We were given time to settle in as we found each a bed to sleep in. We then all sat by the fire place and waited for dinner to be served. We then all sat by the fireplace and enjoyed a nice movie and then headed to sleep, we had an early morning the next day. The next morning we got on a bus and arrived at the bottom of a mountain, as the tour guide explained the story of what we were about to experience at the top of the mountains I was not yet sure if we were going to hike those mountains. Sure enough we were told to get off the bus and start walking towards the top of the mountain. As we hiked our way to the top of the mountain we took stops for the tour to explain his stories and sometimes we would stop to take the beautiful pictures of our surrounding. As we finally got to the top of the mountain, we came across a pile of rocks, and we were told that these rocks had been standing there for thousands of years. Shortly after we took some breathtaking pictures of the view we felt the rain coming, it was time for us to return to the bus to head back to the eco-loge.

As we returned for the eco-loge, we proceeded to take a shower and wait patiently for dinner. As we finished our dinner, we received a druid from the local town, accompanied with three musicians from sligo. The three musicians played us different songs from jigs to slow melodies that have played i  Ireland for centuries. At each break between songs, the druid shared stories of where she is from, what a druid is, and what she believes. The druid also shared irish folk Tales that were both scary and funny. The night was very nice, and it was time to go sleep. Sligo was amazing, we had a blast unfortunately we were unable to kayak due to the weather however the weekend was a success and it was a great experience that I am happy to share.


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