Service Learning

8 Dec

What I see in class and the community is the overwhelming sense of togetherness. Through my service learning I’ve been exposed to some of the people among the lower class. I’ve seen people who don’t have as much as most people, let alone health insurance, but the people who work at the hospital treat everyone the same and with compassion. These things have given me a different perspective on the society in Ireland.

The hospital is a public hospital and depends somewhat on government funding, but since Ireland is struggling for money, the hospital has seen some down times. I work in a diabetes day clinic and because of funding; the clinic is only open on certain days during the week and only for a few hours each day. As a result, people have less access to the doctors despite their disease.

As I spend more and more time at my service learning I have come to appreciate the jobs of the small. I am the lowest chain of command in terms of people who work at the clinic and it has made me appreciate those who do these types of jobs on a daily basis. I will approach my service in the future in a more humble manner and hopefully this will enable me to embrace my work with open arms.


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