8 Dec

My time in Dublin has been amazing, but in ten days I will be on my way home to California. The realization that my time here is almost over is incredible. Four months ago I left the only home I had ever known for a bustling new country. Moving here was not easy and I experienced culture shock throughout my first month of being here. By October I had started to consider Dublin my home. Now three months in Dublin is one of my favorite places in the world, and will always act as a home for me. I’ve met incredible people, been to incredible places, and grown so much as a person. Who I am today is completely different than who I was three months ago. I have so much more independence, responsibilities, and appreciation. I grateful to have had the opportunity to come here and I would not have changed it for anything. As I have changed I know that my friends, family, and home will have too. It’s strange to think of going back to America, being able to drive a car, and use the 4G on my phone. How will I react to all of these differences? I realize that I will most likely go through reverse culture shock. I’m nervous to go home. I’m scared my friends will have change so much that it will be awkward to be around each other. I also know I will want to tell them and my family so much about my time here but that they may not want to hear all of my stories. They will have no idea what I have been though and I will not know what they have been though these past few months. I’m so excited to see everyone but I know that dynamics will have to change. My parents and I will have to figure how to balance my freedom when I get home. It will be hard having a curfew again after I have been living alone in another country. I don’t want to have to follow my parents’ rules, but I know that I will have to. Even though my brothers and I talk all the time I know things will be different. My oldest brother has a new girlfriend, is applying to business school, and spending a lot more time in San Francisco. The middle brother has moved out and is going to school. The youngest has just broken up with a long term girlfriend is completely heartbroken. I know they are all such different people now than they were three months ago, but I can’t help but imagine them as the people I hugged at the airport. I am happy they have grown and changed since I left, and I am excited to see how we will all get along. Living back in warm California will be so strange, but it is my home and with all of my fears of going home I am excited to see my family and friends!


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