Northern Ireland

8 Dec

A few weeks ago we went to Northern Ireland to learn its culture there. It was about 3 hours on the bus. It was not that bad because I liked to sleep on the bus. The first day we arrived in Belfast. This was a town but in my opinion it looked like a small city because it had every thing I could imagine there. This time we stayed in a hotel and it was near the center of Belfast. There were many differences between the Nationalist and Unionist sides of town. British flags hung in Unionist areas and Irish flags hung in Nationalist areas. We walked down to the wall and I saw something I never seen before. In the first night I and my friends went to explore the town. We walked nearly 2 hours around town. This town was much bigger than I imagined before and extremely beautiful. We went shopping at that night also. I thought the shopping mall there was even bigger than the shopping mall in Dublin but not too many people there. I loved Belfast. Although the movie theater there closed very early because we used to want to watch a movie, I still loved the town because it was quiet and beautiful. It got everything there.

The other day we went to Derry. I was shocked by what I heard. We walked the walls and we were able to see the direct line between Derry and Londonderry. We spent the whole day on walking around Derry. Our group had a great guide and everyone loved her. I can see Troubles still affect Northern Ireland by listening to her. There were many pictures on the walls that were so sad. So many young kids were killed in Troubles. Then we went to a museum that the guide there his brother was killed in Troubles. I could not imagine working at a place where I knew my brother was killed there. The guide there was respectable. Overall, the trip to Northern Ireland was amazing and the view here was also quite good but same as Galway. But the history of Northern Ireland was the part that most interested me. I think I will come back on day. I will miss Northern Ireland.

Min Luo


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