Northern Ireland

8 Dec

Our excursion to Northern Ireland was very eye opening. I had always heard of the religious and political divide within the country, but it wasn’t until I experienced the divide first hand that i realized to what extent it has effected the Irish mindset. Everywhere I went, it felt as if I was being overwhelmed with the flags of the British. Even on the curbs of the streets there were the colors of the flag painted on them to signify that the area was in fact British. Even though we were in Northern Ireland, the British made sure everyone knew that they were in charge. I found this interesting as i traveled to England itself. During my time in London I noticed that the number of flags throughout the city was surprisingly less than that of Northern Ireland. My friend jokingly said that the reason there were less flags in London was because they knew what country belonged to. While at the time it was a funny joke, but the more I thought about it, the more I saw the truth to it. Though Northern Ireland has its loyalty to the British, it does share soil with the Irish and it is hard to deny this fact. 


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