Mobile Seminar

8 Dec

Mobile Seminar is a very interesting part of the NUin Program because we could learn many Irish cultures in Mobile Seminar. This time I went to Mobile Seminar by myself because no other people I know have the same Mobile Seminar as me. This place was near Dublin Business School. There were about 20 people came to this Mobile Seminar. It was an Irish class. What was an Irish class? I didn’t know at first but then I knew it. This Mobile Seminar was teaching us Irish so it was called Irish class. Although I have been in Dublin for about two months but I never heard Irish before even once. However, my Irish teacher in the class told us there were about 8 percent of Irish people still speak Irish during daytime or with their families. This was my first time heard Irish in my life. I thought I would be similar to English but I was wrong. It was totally different from English. I could not even pronounce correctly, it was so hard for me. But it was a good experience for me, at least now I know what is Irish and I know some of it.

Overall, I like Mobile Seminar because I could be good experience for students in Dublin. We can learn Irish culture by going to Mobile Seminar.

Min Luo


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