Glasnevin Cemetery

8 Dec

There was a Friday that I went to Glasnevin Cemetery with my classmates. That day was rainy and very cold; we had to wake up at 8:00 in the morning and went to Glasnevin Cemetery. It was really hard but I still made it. Before we started our tour in Glasnevin Cemetery, I searched the history of Glasnevin Cemetery. Glasnevin Cemetery is also known as Prospect Cemetery, it is the largest non-denominational cemetery in Ireland with an estimated 1.5 million burials, It first opened in 1832. Glasnevin Cemetery was consecrated and opened to the public for the first time on 21 February 1832. The first burial, that of eleven year old Michael Carey from Francis Street in Dublin, took place on the following day in a section of the cemetery known as Curran’s Square. The cemetery was initially known as Prospect Cemetery, a name chosen from the townland of Prospect, which surrounded the cemetery lands. Glasnevin Cemetery remains under the care of the Dublin Cemeteries Committee. The development of the cemetery is an ongoing task with major expansion and refurbishment work being carried out at the present time.

When I first arrived at Glasnevin Cemetery, I was shocked by the place, it was overwhelmingly huge. My group was greeted by an informative tour guide. For me, I like to look around when I am in a place. I didn’t listen to our guide that carefully but I looked through the many interactive sights. I learned about how religions treat their followers. I liked the view in Glasnevin Cemetery.

Overall, the excursion to Glasnevin Cemetery was engaging and interesting. Our tour guide was also very dedicated. She taught us many things about religion and the history of Glasnevin Cemetery. Furthermore, I would search more about religion and Glasnevin Cemetery because the excursion to Glasnevin Cemetery made me be interested in religion and faith.

Min Luo


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