8 Dec

Dublin has been called a large village, and this is true in the sense that when you are out and about, there is large possibility of running into a friend or colleague. The reason this happens is because of the layout of the city. A large part of business and pleasure happens in a concentrated area. All of the major shopping areas are located in a few small areas and within these areas there are a plethora of restaurants and various entertaining things to do. Also, pubs and clubs tend to be in close proximity to one another. All of these things make up the city center in Dublin. Within the city center itself there is not a lot of housing. The majority of people live outside of the city center and either come to work or come for pleasure, but no matter what, everyone ends up in the city center for whatever reason. While there is still a lot of stuff going on outside of the city center, it is all within a reasonable distance. Because everything is so close together, it creates this feeling that no matter where you are, nothing is really that far.

            Richard Sennett talks about democratic space and how people who don’t actually know each other can feel as if they do. He complains that in big cities such as New York and London, people can get lost in their own personal pursuits and completely disregard anybody who doesn’t immediately interact with their lives. However, in Dublin this can be different. Many people frequent the pubs, which is a public place that promotes socializing, and community building. Through pubs, Dublin has created democratic space and it has resulted in a very town/village type feeling throughout the city. 


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