Croke Park

8 Dec

I went to Croke Park in Dublin with my classmates. It was really fun and I learned history of Croke Park that I never knew before. Croke Park is a GAA stadium located in Dublin, Ireland. Often called Croker by GAA followers, it serves both as the principal stadium and headquarters of the Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA). In 1913, Croke Park had only two stands on what is now known as the Hogan stand side and grassy banks all round. In 1917, the rubble from the Easter Rising in 1916 was used to construct a grassy hill on the railway end of Croke Park to afford patrons a better view of the pitch, which hosted all major Gaelic football and hurling matches in the latter stages of the All-Ireland championships. The highest attendance ever recorded at an All-Ireland Senior Football Championship Final was 90,556 for Offaly vs Down in 1961. Since the introduction of seating to the Cusack stand in 1966, the largest crowd recorded has been 84,516.

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When we went to Croke Park we watched a movie. It talked about the history of Croke Park. This movie really cheered me up because it showed how Croke Park became famous and there were so many exciting matches happened here. The view in Croke Park was amazing, every viewer can watch the match clearly.

One of the most interesting things that I found in Croke Park was we were being showed the different types of sports that are played within Croke Park. I though only football can be played within Croke Park.

Our guide always talked about the women’s sports right along side mens. They showed us the evolution of women’s sports by putting in what women used to wear. There used to be many rules that limit women to play sports but it not longer exist. It was a great step of history of human’s sports. Overall, my experience at Croke Park was very interesting and learned a lot about history of sports of Ireland that I never knew before.

Min Luo


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