8 Dec
This weekend I traveled, with about 20 other Northeastern students, to Cork. Cork is located in the south of Ireland, in the province of Munster, 3.5 hours from Dublin. Before heading to the city, we stopped at Blarney Castle. The grounds of the castle were incredible to say the least. There are multiple streams and creeks criss-crossing the emerald green lawns. The castle is about a 5 minute walk from the entrance, but it can be seen from all around. It sits overlooking the grounds, looming in the clouds above. Inside, the castle seems smaller, because the stone used to construct it is so thick. Almost 5 stories above is the famous Blarney Stone, which I had no idea was actually a wall, rather than a rock. Legend holds that those who kiss the Stone will find good fortune. 
After leaving Blarney Castle, we continued to the city of Cork, where after checking into our bed and breakfast we were able to explore. I was able to experience the Christmas market, which was in full swing with delicious smelling food, and lots of kids with wide eyes.
After a delicious dinner that night, we headed to bed in preparation for our next day. On Sunday I was able to tour the grounds of University College Cork, and the Cork City Gaol. UCC was a very pretty campus, combining elements of old and new architecture very well. The jail was also very architecturally pleasing, as it was designed like a castle, my favorite style. It was easy to imagine prisoners here, looking through the barred windows, or at the high walls keeping them detained.
After checking out, we left for Cove, or An Cobh, in Irish, or Queenstown, as it was renamed in the nineteenth century after Queen Victoria landed there. We visited the heritage center, learning about the Titanic, which made it’s last port of call in Cobh before it’s tragic demise. The museum was very interesting as I learned that Cobh was a very busy port for ships crossing the Atlantic and the Irish Sea. 
Overall, my trip to Cork was very educational, inspirational, and entertaining all together. I hope to travel back sometime.
-Sachin Mehta

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