8 Dec

While Ireland is most known for its production of Guinness, another popular drink among the Irish is Bushmills. Within Ireland there are a couple major Whiskey distilleries. Here in Dublin, located north of the Liffey, is the Jameson distillery. In Northern Ireland, located in the town of Bushmills, is the Bushmills distillery. Just like the religious divide in Ireland, these two whiskey brands are affiliated with a certain religion. Seeing as how Bushmills is located in Northern Ireland, it is generally associated with Protestantism, and with Jameson being located in the heart of Dublin, it is normally associated with Catholicism. While this is the case, the only reason there is any preference of one over the other is purely because of location. Bars and pubs will normally have both in stock anywhere in Ireland, but in the North, there tends to be more Bushmills, and in the rest of Ireland, Jameson tends to be more abundant. However, when I indulge in Irish whiskey, I tend to prefer Bushmills to Jameson because of price convenience. Overall, both of these brands are an Irish staple and have withstood the economic hardship that Ireland has gone through which is a testament to their product and the Irish following. 


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