7 Dec

The Liffey is a river that runs through the center of Dublin, Dividing the city into its North and South sides. I walk along the river everyday on my way to school. While the average person just consider it a grey dirty river in Dublin, I found myself wanting to delve into it murky waters and discover its significance. The river not only divides the city geographically but also psychologically and socially. It has essentially created a North-South divide. Dubliners who live on the north side are usually considered to be the working class while the south side is seen to be middle to upper class. North siders are considered “posh” while South siders are considered as being less sophisticated. northsiders wear high brand clothing while southsiders generally wear lower brand clothing and sweatpants. In the past, The Liffey was a flowing river of pollution. Thankfully, it is now relatively clean and salmon have even been observed swimming upriver. While the river might still look dirty, it is only brown due to its Bog origins. The River has a total of 21 bridges, one of the newest of which is the bridge I cross on my way to school everyday, The James Joyce bridge. This bridge was so called because the setting of one of James Joyce’s short stories is the house adjacent to the bride. The River Liffey helps define Dublin, for better or for worse. – Saeed Faghihi


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