Free Derry/Londonderry

5 Dec

A vast amount of history has been created in Free Derry, and the ties that the city has to its’ history are extremely prominent in the everyday lives of its’ citizens. Besides the natural beauty and quaintness of the city itself, there is an entire culture that surrounds Derry that is incredibly important to Ireland in general.

One of the most alluring and unique facets that Derry has to offer is the Peace Wall. This wall divides the Catholics and Protestants, assuming they can keep peace. Words of goodwill are written by newcomers and by residents as well. Not only that, but there are also paintings that are local artists expressions of peace. 

The peace wall not the only location that contained different types of artwork. More political based artwork was found on walls of apartment buildings and office buildings. Murals are a large part of the culture in Londonderry, particularly to people that value historical and political ideology. The prejudices in Derry have warranted some of the worst and violent acts in Irish history. For example, on Bloody Sunday 13 civil rights protesters were shot and killed by members of the British Army. In another instance a young girl was shot and killed in an act of prejudicial terrorism. These acts of violence have caused certain citizens to peacefully protest this terrorism by painting murals around the city as reminders of how harmful prejudice truly is. 

The bridge in Free Derry/London Derry also symbolizes unity. Primarily because on one side of the bridge it is a predominantly Catholic population whereas the other side is not. The bridge that connects both places was built specifically to symbolize unity between the two cultures, which I found quite fascinating. 



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